A Proven Practice to Help You Get Things Done and Reach Your Real Estate Objectives

A Proven Practice to Help You Get Things Done and Reach Your Real Estate Objectives

One of the biggest struggles we have in business, myself included, is to set and follow through on our goals. Once we have established reasonable goals for ourselves, we need to be able to execute on a Plan to get them done.

However, what normally happens is we start out well, but slowly we start to drift away from what needs to be done on a daily basis. Either we miss a day here and there and fail to get back on track, or we are not motivated enough to achieve what we are after.


There are a number of reasons why this happens to us all but I have found one technique that really helps me to get many things done on time, over and over again.

TIME BLOCKING. By setting regular intervals in my calendar of when I need to do things throughout the day, really helps me stay on track and follow through to get things done. My calendar on my phone, reminds me early in the morning of what needs to be done that day, and at what time. I know if I’m to be successful in business then I need to put the time in.

Once the time block has arrived I shut my office door and get at it. This has had huge payoffs for me over the last few years. Simply pushing forward with my tasks on a regular basis brings gradual and consistent results! I know my business is better than yesterday because I take action each day. If I miss a day, no big deal, I make up for it the following day.

By Time Blocking, we focus all our attention on that particular task.

You can use time blocking for many activities, not just phone calls. Here are some things that you can block time for.

  1. Working out each day
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Door Knocking
  4. Working with Buyers
  5. Listing Appointments
  6. Family Time

These are all great things you can put in your calendar to do often. This way you are working hard to be successful and making progress all the time.

By staying focused and blocking the time, we ensure that the things that need to get done are getting done!