Best Real Estate Mobile Apps You Can Use to Win in Real Estate

If you’re a realtor or a broker, your iPhone, iPad and other smart devices can be invaluable tool that can not only help keep you organized, but help you do your job better. Here are the ones we think are the best choices for active real estate agents and brokers

1. DROPBOX. It is a useful tool for pretty much every profession and real estate is absolutely no exception. More people use it than you think which means getting files and documents to clients just became simpler. Whether you choose to utilize Dropbox just for storing files for access from any device or want to create shared folders with clients, it’s a must have!!!!

You have immediate access to your files from anywhere on your iPhone and iPad. It has Mac and Windows clients to keep your desktop and laptop computers in sync. And for the times you’re away from home or don’t have access to your iPhone or iPad, logging into the Dropbox website gives you access to your files wherever else you may need them from.

Dropbox gives you 2GB of space for free or you can purchase more on a monthly or yearly basis for a pretty small fee.

Free – Download Now

2. SCANNER PRO. One thing realtors and brokers do quite often is scan documents with signatures. This is where an app like Scanner Pro is dead useful. Simply take photos of the pages on your phone in order to create a document. It’s great for when you aren’t near a scanner or computer and need to get something to a client right away, your clients will be impressed when they receive documents you promised in only a matter of minutes.

Scanner Pro is a great place to keep copies of common documents such as purchase agreements, inspection reports, and more. From here, they’re ready to be sent off the minute you need them.

$6.99 – Download Now

3. eKey. Every realtor is familiar with lockboxes and uses them on a regular basis to unlock and show houses or to put one on their own listings. Regardless where you are, you can’t avoid lockboxes and the issues they can bring with them at times. Updating keys before you leave the office or your home can be irritating. What if you didn’t have to remember those steps anymore?

Supra actually offers an eKey that comes as an attachment that plugs into your charge port equipped with an IR sensor. Simply download the free eKey app to your iPhone and log in with your agent ID. You’ll need to purchase the equipment and attachments from Supra before using the eKey app. Most realtor associations have them for you to walk in and buy as well. Once you’re all set up, just log in with your agent ID and you’re ready to go. Anywhere you have service; you’ll have the ability to unlock homes to show your clients at a moment’s notice.

Free – Download Now

4. FANTASTICAL. The thing about Fantastical is that is supports natural language input. Realtors spend a lot of time on the phone and need to enter appointments, showings, and closings into their calendars quickly. Fantastical can do just that. Instead of having to fill out all the details line by line, just tell Fantastical by voice or by typing what you want. For example, just say “Showing with Bob at noon tomorrow.” and Fantastical will do the rest for you.

If you have separate calendars set up, you can even take it one step further and tell Fantastical something like “Showing with Bob at noon tomorrow. Calendar Century 21.” It’ll automatically put events where they should be.

Fantastical shares them same core files so anything you place in the default calendar will appear in Fantastical automatically and vice versa. There’s literally no setup required.

$4.99 – iPhone version – Download Now

5. TRULIA. It is just as good of a resource for realtors as it is for buyers and sellers. Trulia recently updated its Real Estate by Trulia App with a sleek design. It has separate sections for rentals and homes to own. Users can use the location-based app to find listings nearby. Searches can be narrowed down by lot size, year built, and square footage. Or you can use the “open house” tab to find out what’s available to view today. Still need help? The app helps you find an agent. Real Estate by Trulia makes looking for a home almost fun…almost.

While the MLS contains more information, Trulia gives a nice overview of properties and is map based which makes it easy to pinpoint and target the properties someone is asking about. While it isn’t as detailed as the MLS, it does provide good information in a quicker manner. It’s also a good place to advertise in your area. Lots of folks out there are browsing for homes on their iPhones and iPads nowadays and there’s no better way to gain clients than your credentials showing up on the homes they’re looking at.

Free – Download Now

6. Lovely. It is another good real estate app with a modern design. The location-based app makes it easy to find places nearby. Store your preferences and set alerts so you know the minute something new hits the market.

Once you’ve identified some places to live, users can save them to their “favorites,” for future reference. Lovely is also available via the web, so you can set up an account and you can access them from your computer.

This free app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but requires iOS 5.0 or later.

7. Homesnap. It goes a more creative route than some of the other apps, allowing users to find out more about places they already like. Now that the housing market is rebounding, the app helps you identify which homes have good “investment potential.” “Appreciation potential” shows you homes that Homesnap thinks you’ll be able to flip.

The app also has a social component. Store your favorites and see what your friends are looking at. Let’s just hope you’re not bidding for the same one. This free app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, but requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is also available for Android.

8. 1PASSWORD. Forgetting a password is a headache and can set you back or worse, cause an inconvenience for your clients when you can’t access information they want to know. Any realtor knows that are tons of passwords that come with the job. MLS logins zip form passwords, and so many more. We all know that it is never a good idea to have the same password for multiple accounts.

This is where 1Password comes in handy. It can remember all your passwords and logins as well as generate strong passwords for you. Every type of account you can think of is supported with the ability to create any custom ones you’d like. You can also use 1Password to generate strong passwords when you can’t think of one. 1Password has support for not only iOS but Mac and PC as well.

$8.99 – iPhone and iPad version – Download Now

$24.99 – Mac version – Download Now

9. TRIPCUBBY. One thing realtors do more than anything is drive. Whether it’s to showings, closings, open houses, or any other place you need to go, gas mileage is tax deductible for self-employed realtors. That’s why it’s especially important to keep track of how many miles you’re driving and to where. Trip Cubby is a fantastic way to do just that. Along with tracking general mileage, you can also make notes as to what you’re traveling for and why you’re logging it.

$1.99 – Download Now

Let us know what apps keep you on task and help you meet client’s needs better than you could without and comment below for your chance to win next week’s Starbucks Gift Cards!!! :)

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