Door Knocking For Lead Generation For Realtors

Door Knocking For Lead Generation For Realtors

Door knocking can be one of the greatest active prospecting Door Knocking Strategies out there. If done correctly, you can receive a lot of leads in a fairly short period of time, while getting some valuable exercise while you’re at it! Read on to see some scripts I recommend for getting great results from door knocking.

It used to be that door knocking was a giant waste of time. But in a Sellers’ market where there are few listings available, whoever holds the listings is guaranteed to earn income.   Seriously! Working with buyers in a hot Sellers’ market can be very frustrating when you are dealing with multiple offers each time you find a great house to buy.

I have seen agents lose out on multiple offer situations recently.   As many as 5, 6 and even 9 times! Can you imagine searching for home after home, only to lose out to a higher bidder each time? It’s enough to drive you crazy.

The very real answer to this problem is become a serious securer of new listings. Cold calling has really declined over the last 4 years as mobile phones have become the only phone needed. Families are ditching their land line for personal cell phones and it’s rare that anyone who is Generation Y will answer the phone anyway!

Here are some tips that can help you with your door knocking strategy:

1. Door Knock For At Least 1 Hour Each Time Out. Knock on at least 25 doors at a time. Typically you can knock on about 20-30 doors per hour so this should be a minimum you set for yourself.

2. Book Appointments for a Later Time. If you find someone who is interested in a home evaluation right that second, book the appointment for another time later that week. You need to get through as many doors at a time to maximize your lead generation. By stopping and accepting an invitation into the home to take a look on the spot, will slow you down way too much. Book a later time to come back and discuss the potential client’s needs. This will give you time to gather information over the phone by using a Pre List phone call. You will be more prepared and will optimize your time together.

3. Don’t Get Discouraged. Typical results are 1 appointment for every 50 doors knocked. If you can commit to knocking on 100 doors per week you should be generating at least 2 appointments per week. With those kinds of results you will have many listings to sell in no time!

Here are some good / better / best door knocking scripts you can try! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!